Melones Beach

Melones Beach
Melones Beach is one of the most convenient beaches in Culebra for an extended stay because of the close proximity to Culebra’s main town. The section of beach at Melones has plenty of local flavor, and is a great place to soak up Puerto Rican culture, especially on weekends when beach visits with local families are common. The closeness to the main town is especially helpful as the beach features no amenities. A pit-stop in town covers all needs, such as food and drinks, and any other necessary provisions. Be sure to take plenty of sunblock as Melones Beach Culebra has no shade to speak of.

There are many things to do along the beach for everyone. Along the left side is the best for snorkeling. Snorkelers can see a variety of corals, sponges, sea cucumbers, eels, and plenty of tropical fish amid the half-mile expanse of coral reef along the shore. The reef is part of the Culebra Marine Underwater Park. From town, it’s easy to arrange diving and snorkeling tours of the park, which is a great way to maximize an underwater experience. On the right side of the beach, the waterline is covered in sand, offering a nice, soft bottom for swimming or playing in the surf. The coastline itself is extremely picturesque with medium-grain sand.

Sunsets are fabulous at Melones Beach Culebra and watching them burst with color is a popular evening activity. Fishing is another ideal sport to take in, but is only allowed at some nearby Puerto Rico beaches and not directly off Melones. Camping close to Melones at nearby Flamenco Beach is also a possibility and a way to save if staying for a few days. The campgrounds are clean and offer restrooms, but nothing more. Be sure to your own tent and sleeping bag along with warm clothes as it can get fairly windy, which brings on a good chill at night. Bug repellent is also highly recommended.

Several area attractions make visiting Melones Beach Culebra for more than a day an exciting possibility. Cerro de Luis Pena, a small, nearby mountain, has many walking and hiking trails surrounding it. The aforementioned Playa Flamenco, along with Playa Sardinas, are two nearby beaches to check out if there is time. If you’re visiting and planning day trips and beach time, note that October is the rainiest month in this area while February sees the least rain.

Though there aren’t showers and restrooms, there are several good options for lodging nearby from budget-friendly guesthouses to hotels that offer two- and three-star ratings. There are also an abundance of local dining options where visitors will find a wide variety of food. The majority of restaurants are located in town. If renting a car or jeep is an option, this is possible in town. Driving around Culebra is a fun experience and a way to see more beaches and other attractions. Otherwise, getting from town to the beach is easily done by walking or renting a bicycle from a shop. Once off the ferry to Culebra, head toward the post office, hang a right and continue along the paved section of road that leads directly to Melones Beach.

Top image: Matthew Kraus (flickr)
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