Luquillo Beach

Luquillo Beach
Luquillo Beach is one of the two most popular beaches in Puerto Rico, the other being Boqueron Beach in Cabo Rojo. Luquillo has plenty of admirable attributes, the foremost being a large and lovely beach with a gentle curve and tons of well-dispersed coconut palms backing it. In the distance, mountains come hazily into view, creating a sort of mystical air. The water is bright and clear turquoise and the sand is light colored and soft. Luquillo comprises several smaller beaches adjacent to the main stretch, each offering a distinct feel, but harboring the same, excellent qualities. The beaches are well protected by nearby reefs, offering prime snorkeling conditions with the exception of the winter months when the current can get a little rough. Luquillo is about a half hour from the San Juan city center.

There are all kinds of things to do in and around Luquillo Beach Puerto Rico. There are more than a half-dozen beaches linking to the main stretch with the best including La Monserrate Beach, Las Pailas Beach, Mameyes Beach, La Pared Beach, and La Bandera. Azul Beach is a nearby surfing stretch offering good waves along with La Pared Beach. East of Luquillo Beach, surfers will find popular La Selva, another beach offering medium-quality waves. Winter is the best time to surf. The area surrounding Luquillo Beach Puerto Rico is a popular starting point for tours through El Yunque Rainforest, a sub-tropical forest laden with mountains, waterfalls, hiking trails, lookout points, natural pools, and camping.

Swimming is excellent, and the water is so calm that families from miles away come to enjoy the beach. The area is diverse and thriving and there is much to be explored. Snorkeling charters offer a local perspective on the sport and find the best areas to view underwater scenery. Sea kayaking along the shore is another favored activity and easily done via the watersport shops in the area. If you just want to sunbathe and swim in the sea, that’s always a great bet. There are chairs available to rent, too. The water is warm and there is plenty of space along the shore to find a spot to call your own, especially during the week when the area can seem deserted compared to weekends and holidays.

Luquillo is not only one of the more beautiful areas to visit within Puerto Rico, it also offers a slew of services and amenities, both onsite and nearby. Forget about lugging your gear too far—there is ample parking adjacent to the beach for a small fee. There are also clean change rooms and restrooms for public use. Take a walk up and down the beach to check out the many options in food stalls. Caribbean tunes drift in the air, coming from almost every food stall, each with its own sound, and flavor, too. If you’ve forgotten anything or just want to check out the shopping scene, Luquillo Beach Puerto Rico is a good place to pick up necessities and souvenirs. Kiosk-style shops hawk everything under the sun, from cold beer and ice cream to bathing suits and local crafts. Special events and holidays in Luquillo are popular times to visit. They include March’s Patron Saint celebrations, April’s Leatherback Turtle Festival, September’s Coconut Festival, and December’s Typical Dish festivities.

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