Flamenco Culebra

Flamenco Culebra
Flamenco Culebra is a fine-grained, white-sand beach located on the island of Culebra, twelve miles off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico, and borders the Culebra Nature Reserve. It is one of the most popular of the few beaches on the island. Flamenco Beach is an awe-inspiring sight and has thus been frequently rated as one of the best Caribbean beaches. Visually, there is no other Puerto Rican beach that compares. Shaped like a horseshoe, fringed by miles of lush hills, and highlighted by a strip of land jutting far out into the sea, this area is truly postcard worthy. The natural sea barrier surrounding Flamenco Beach Puerto Rico creates a naturally protected area where snorkeling is very good. The beach is huge and completely natural, with hardly a building or other manmade structure within sight.

Flamenco is designated as a Blue Flag Beach. Water quality and maintenance are second to none in Puerto Rico. Swimming and beachfront fun are ideal, and though there are many visitors, crowds seem to be under control within the large area. The calmest swimming water is found along the eastern side of the beach. There are changing rooms and restrooms for public use as well as bath houses where showers are available from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. There are relatively few food stalls in the area, which attributes to the beach’s tidy appearance. There are picnic tables and plenty of rentals to choose between for beach umbrellas, chairs, and camping essentials.

Camping is a popular endeavor, and campsites are the cream of the crop. Dispersed along the shore and set slightly back from the water, each campsite has ample space and excellent beach access. The entire area is sectioned into its own space so there are no worries of encroachment from day trippers. There are top-notch facilities specifically for campers. Reservations need to be made in advance and a camping permit obtained. If you’re looking for other beachfront lodging, be sure to make reservations far in advance. There are only a select number of small B&Bs and inns to choose from.

Carlos Rosario is a nearby beach renowned for its world-class snorkeling. There is a trail that leads from Flamenco Culebra. Here, the reefs teem with fish and other sea life, and the water is as ultra-clear. There are also sparser crowds along Carlos Rosario making it a great place to absorb the natural beauty. Snorkeling out from Flamenco Beach there is a nice array of coral, blue tang, parrot fish, and wrasse. The more serious divers generally rent the smaller apartments and bed and breakfasts on the island and head out via rented boats or diving charters into the offshore reefs where the vibrant underwater backdrops offers plenty to see.

Getting to Flamenco Beach Puerto Rico isn’t difficult. Popular take-off points include Fajardo and San Juan, both on the island’s east coast. The high-speed ferry from San Juan is one option for getting to Flamenco Beach. There are several daily departures available. The other option is the local route—the ferry leaving Fajardo three times daily. Though it tends to get crowded and is definitely slower than the San Juan ferry, it is a cheap and enjoyable way to travel. Flying from San Juan into the main town of Dewey is the third, and most popular option. Once there, grab a taxi, rental car, or shuttle to the beach.

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