Esperanza Beach

Esperanza Beach
Esperanza Beach is part of the only one of two small towns on Isla de Vieques. Esperanza is on the Caribbean side and the other town, Isabel Segunda, is a port town on the Atlantic. The beauty of staying in Esperanza is the sheer quiet compared to lively Isabel Segunda, which is larger and exhibits a host of shops and restaurants squeezed between local homes. The only major hotel is the large seaside hotel called Martineau Bay Resort and Spa, a W hotel. Esperanza is basically the antithesis of Isabel Segunda. It’s a small yet vibrant beach village, void of commercial development. If this is sounding more and more like paradise, the picture is getting across. For any needs, whizzing into Isabel to shop is easy while returning to quiet, tranquil Esperanza Vieques Puerto Rico is even easier. Getting to Vieques is a simple feat—hop a charter flight from the mainland and arrive in 25 minutes.

Sitting on the beach facing the water, visitors will enjoy a taste of true Caribbean hues and glimpses of the small reefs lining the beach at Playa Esperanza Vieques Puerto Rico. To the west is a very quiet spot for swimming along with an historic pier with charms lying in the fact that it’s collapsing yet still attractive and artful. As a small fishing village, many locals make their living reeling in the ocean’s bounty. To the east of the pier, a motley crew of fishing boats float on the water and just beyond is Monte Pirata, the highest island pinnacle.  Restaurants and restrooms are found near Esperanza Beach as well as nearby Sun Bay. If the tide is low, head west toward Playa Grande and Black Sand Beach for a nice walk and great scenery.

The water and fine-sand beach create ideal conditions for sunbathing, swimming, and exploring. For a little more excitement, try snorkeling along the shore where smaller reefs yield plenty of sea life, including sea sponges, tang fish, eagle rays, puffer fish, parrot fish, eels, and even a sea turtle or two if you’re lucky. Antler coral, found only around Vieques and Culebra, is a magnificent underwater sight to see when snorkeling and one of the reasons snorkeling here is acclaimed. Offshore diving and snorkeling charters are available and tend to be on smaller boats. Small shops near the beach rent out snorkeling gear and other equipment such as chairs and umbrellas. Kayaking is another favored sport at Esperanza Beach. From the shore, a small islet called Cayo Afuero is visible on clear days. It is easily reached via kayak or even by strong swimmers. It offers a secluded beach and terrific views of the sunset.

Playa Esperanza Vieques Puerto Rico is small, but still has a half dozen good options for dining. Bars and open-air eateries are located along the local seaside boardwalk, called El Malecon, which is a central focus of the community. There are plenty of good spots to socialize with locals, especially on the weekends. There is a long-time local restaurant specializing in seafood that occasionally turns into a small disco or dance bar for some added nightlife.

Top image: HikrChick (flickr), CC BY-SA 2.0
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