Cana Gorda

Cana Gorda
Cana Gorda is located in Guanica along the southwest coast on a profound bay with an identical name. Flanked by lush, rugged, low-lying hills, Guanica harbor appears as an equatorial fjord and is about three miles deep and a quarter of a mile wide. About 20 miles west of the beaches in Ponce and almost 100 miles from San Juan, Cana Gorda Beach Puerto Rico, or Balneario Cana Gorda (the former referring to a government-run resort area) is an ideal family beach with calm surf, clear water, and a fringe of coconut palms surrounding it.

A local favorite, Cana Gorda’s true appeal comes by way of uncrowded expanses and plenty of inlets and crannies that are often completely secluded. Walking up and down the beach, it’s easy to find a nice, sandy stretch to call your own for the day. The small cays dotting the sea surrounding Guanica’s shore illustrate bio diversity so rich you’ll be impressed upon seeing all types of wildlife. Birders should take a day trip to 1,500-acre Guanica Forest Reserve where hundreds of bird species converge.

As a government-run balneario, Cana Gorda Beach Puerto Rico is only open from Tuesday through Sunday. There are several convenient facilities, including restrooms, showers, change rooms, one beachfront restaurant, one guesthouse, and small beach resort. The beach offers simple yet scenic picnic areas. Cana Gorda also doubles as the departure point for Cayo Cana Gorda, a small offshore islet also know as Gilligan’s Island. The island is completely undeveloped and offers snorkeling, lush mangroves, and beautiful beaches as well as plenty of tranquility.

Top image: Copamarina Beach Resort and Spa
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