Ponce Beaches
Named after the grandson of the famed Spanish conquistador, Juan Ponce de Leon, Ponce Puerto Rico exhibits plenty of historical appeal. In fact, a restoration project that cost hundreds of millions of dollars and was completed in 1992 paid considerable attention to the city's historic district. Complementing the historical aspect of Ponce is a rich cultural fabric in general, and while this isn't a beach resort, there are great strips of sand in the area.

Often referred to as Museum City, Ponce has plenty to offer for the cultural enthusiast. After visiting a bunch of museums and other cultural landmarks, however, you might find yourself longing for a different kind of experience, at least to break things up a little. In this case, you can consider venturing off to the area beaches. Some of the best beaches in Puerto Rico are found near this relatively large city on the southern coast, and they are especially ideal for snorkeling. The beaches on the south coast are more tranquil than those on the north coast, hence the extra-enticing snorkeling possibilities.

Three Ponce beaches that are especially close to the city are El Tuque Beach, La Guancha Beach, and Caja de Muertos Beach. El Tuque is located west of Ponce, while La Guancha Beach is to the south. As for Caja de Muertos Beach, it is found offshore on Isla Caja de Muertos. Ferries bound for this island depart from La Guancha, and the beaches that ring the landmass are great for snorkeling. They also outdo both El Tuque Beach and La Guancha Beach in terms of all around appeal.

Approximately 30 minutes from Ponce are even more spectacular beaches if you don't mind the travel time. To the west of the city, to be exact, some of the best beaches on the island line the coast. They extend from Guanica on over to Cabo Rojo.

Top image: Oquendo (flickr)
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Ponce Beaches

Ponce Beaches

Ponce beaches are located on the outskirts of Puerto Rico’s second largest city, one which also has major historic (colonial) significance. Ponce is located on the south coast at the mid-point between the west and east coasts, and Mayaguez and Fajardo respectively. Following after preeminent San Juan, the largest city and also the capital, Ponce […]