Playa Colora

Playa Colora
Playa Colora is a secluded beach reached via a half-hour walk from the left side of well-known Seven Seas Beach in Fajardo, on the northwest point of Puerto Rico. The trek to this private slice of coastline is fairly easy, but because of the time it takes, most people don’t bother attempting it. This is great news for anyone up for a hike and a few hours on a beautiful, rugged beach with no one else around.

Also called Red Beach in Puerto Rico, Colora features orange-hued, heavy, grainy sand dotted with outcroppings on either end. These rocks act as a natural barrier, offering plenty of privacy to visitors. Here, the water is blue and clear and certainly inviting, but the pitfall of this beach is it is marked as a very dangerous swimming area. So beware and proceed with caution if wading in at the shore. Across the way there is a historic lighthouse that comes into view on clear days.

Getting to Playa Colora is a task, but an enjoyable one. When you are facing out at the water on Seven Seas, walk directly left and hook up with the evident trail that begins at the rocks. If the tide is low, it’s possible to follow the shore. If not, veer left into the mangrove forest and continue along parallel to the shore. The ten-minute walk snakes through the mangroves until another path and marked sign comes into view and follow it onto the beach. Be sure to apply mosquito repellent liberally before entering the mangroves, especially if aiming to stop and admire the wildlife and tropical plants. Another point worth knowing is that sometimes these secluded beaches are used by nude sunbathers.

Before making the trek to beautiful Red Beach in Puerto Rico, pack up all necessary provisions, especially plenty of water and sunscreen as there is no shade. Carry an empty bag to pack up your trash and leave unspoiled beauty as you find it. It’s possible to head farther along the path passing Colora and ending up at three different points where Playa Escondida, Governor’s Beach, and Finca el Convento are. In this case, pack extra water and plan on being away a few hours.

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