Aguadilla Beaches

Aguadilla Beaches
Aguadilla beaches are noted as some of the best beaches in Puerto Rico for surfing. There are around a dozen beaches to choose between in Aguadilla Puerto Rico. Yes, most are renowned as world-class surfing spots, but they all feature beaches ideal for sunbathing and other activities. Be advised that many of these popular beaches are not suitable for swimming and in fact can be quiet dangerous. Many people flock to the beaches of Aguadilla to watch the surfers, especially between the months of October through April, when surfing conditions are at their peak.

Crashboat Beach

Twin beaches along Crashboat Beach comprise the sandy break inviting most visitors for a day at the beach along with good swimming. Other popular activities include parasailing and jet-skiing. Skirted by verdant mountains, the backdrop is ideal for hiking excursions, which are popular pursuits. The environment is lush and filled with interesting flora and fauna, especially within the immediate area.

Gas Chambers Beach

Not exactly the most endearing name, yet this stretch of beach is one of the best surfing areas in Puerto Rico and is technically a part of Crashboat Beach. The incredible swells that make the waves at Gas Chambers happen only a few times every year, which means most are anxiously awaiting for the right time to hit the sea. Both visiting and local surfers keep a keen eye out for the monstrous, twenty-foot waves crashing into shore in the winter months.

Parque El Canto de Las Piedras

The small area of beach north of the local cemetery called Parque El Canto de Las Piedras is an interesting spot with plenty of unique rock formations jutting out of the sand and water. These rock outcroppings and natural benches are what draw those seeking some privacy away from the crowds that can gather at many of the popular surfing beaches.

Wilderness Beach (La Ruinas)

The arrival of the long-awaited tube is what most surfers are waiting for at Wilderness Beach, north of Crashboat. Arguably the best surf break in Puerto Rico, Wilderness Beach offers water ideal for accomplished riders only although spectators are always welcome.

Wishing Well Beach (Playa Peña Blanca)

Fairly secluded, often shrouded by mist along the shore, and featuring lush, tropical vegetation that flanks most of the shoreline, Wishing Well Beach is yet another popular haunt for the intrepid, especially body boarders. More secluded than other popular Aguadilla beaches, this is a good spot to practice for novices.

Surfer’s Beach

Named aptly for the people it serves most often, Surfer’s Beach is a sweeping, tree-lined expanse. At the north end of Surfer’s Beach, two famous surfing areas are found: Survivor and Tabletop. This beach isn’t as easy to find as others so be sure to ask a local for the specific route. Surfer’s Beach is not for bathing whatsoever.

Playa Rompe Olas

This small beach situated in the downtown area of Aguadilla Puerto Rico is pretty and peaceful. It’s located only a few minutes’ walk from the center of the city and a relaxing place to visit after a day tour. The nearby park paired with the clear, calm water makes Rompe Olas a favorite for families with small kids. Visitors will find a slew of cafes, bakeries, and restaurants close to this crescent shaped charmer and safety is never an issue as Rompe Olas is backed by the local police station.

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