San San Beach

San San Beach
San San Beach is a private stretch of coastline that is available to patrons of nearby accommodations and owners of properties in the immediate area. Owners of properties in an area known as Alligator Head, as well as others who are renting vacation villas and other such accommodations often frequent this elegant beach. Port Antonio is peppered with some truly amazing beaches, including Boston Beach and Long Bay Beach. These are all viable options and offer nice stretches of beach with white sand and water that is normally perfect for beach related sports and activities. San San Beach is only different in the respect that it is a private beach and slightly more upscale in terms of public accommodations and facilities.

San San Beach in Jamaica constitutes approximately one and a half miles of gorgeous, powdery white coastline near Port Antonio, on the northeastern coast of the country. It is not only one of the most popular beaches in Port Antonio for sunbathing and relaxing, but also for snorkeling. The shallow waters that stretch all the way out to the visible Monkey Island are filled with reefs that teem with all manner of tropical marine life. If you decide to swim or snorkel out to Monkey Island, be advised that there are spiny sea urchins in and around the reefs. Be careful not to step on one as you approach the shore of the island where you can lay back and revel in the Caribbean sun.

San San Beach has lifeguards, a picnic area with tables and grills, showers, changing rooms, and places to rent gear and equipment for snorkeling, kayaking, and a host of other water related activities.

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