Boston Beach

Boston Beach
Boston Beach Jamaica is one of the popular stretches of coastline in the Caribbean tourist destination of Port Antonio, Jamaica. It is located about ten  miles east of Port Antonio. Boston Beach is popular for both the wide range of water sports and activities you can enjoy, as well as the jerk chicken and other savory Caribbean fare. It is said that the famous jerk seasoning that has become synonymous with Jamaica around the world originated in Boston Beach. The fact that there are places that refer to Boston jerk around Jamaica is evidence enough of the fact that there is Caribbean food aplenty in this part of the country.

Visitors to this northeastern part of the coast will find gorgeous white-sand beaches, which are among the best beaches in Jamaica, as well as crystal blue waters, and amazing tropical foliage. They will also discover that there are plenty of guest accommodations, including all-inclusive hotels, as well as a good variety of bars and restaurants nearby where you can enjoy music, food, and tropical beverages. They are not located right on the beach, but there are a number of accommodations within five miles. There are, however, plenty of places to eat within easy walking distance of the beach. Boston Beach is a great place for people who want to enjoy relative privacy on semi-secluded beaches, but remain close enough to the amenities of a town (Port Antonio in this case).

Boston Beach provides a true dose of local culture. It is a place where you can enjoy windsurfing, surfing, and kayaking, but you can also find awesome reggae music, amazing Caribbean food, and convivial bars and eateries. The Tiki huts serve up icy cold tropical beverages that you can take with you to stroll along the beach. The beach is especially picturesque, due in large part to the rocky and rugged outcroppings, tropical foliage, and tall palm trees. Boston Beach is a great place to pack a picnic basket with some beverages and a blanket or some towels for the beach. Do not bother packing any food, as part of the unforgettable experience of relaxing on Boston Beach is relishing the perfectly seasoned jerk dished available at nearly every stop.

There are a host of attractive beaches in Port Antonio, as this has become one of the top tourist stops in Jamaica. There was a time when Kingston and Negril were the only places to visit. In recent years, however, places like Montego Bay and Ocho Rios have quickly developed, giving people more options for where to enjoy the near perfect tropical climate, breathtaking beaches, and plethora of water beach related activities in Jamaica. Long Bay Beach and Frenchman’s Cove are just two examples of other alluring beaches in Port Antonio, but paying a visit to Boston Bay has distinct advantages.

Boston Beach and the Port Antonio area is also a favorite option for families who wish to enjoy many of the other eco-tourism opportunities. Rafting on the Rio Grande River is just one option you have at your disposal. The water conditions are often ripe for surfers and other water related activated include boating, surfing, and snorkeling in the portions of the water that are protected by coral reefs.

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