Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach
Seven Mile Beach Jamaica is perhaps the favorite beach destination on the western tip of Jamaica. It is the predominant Negril beach, featuring miles of gorgeous white sand, calm surf, and a string of luxury resorts and hotels that draw visitors from all over the world. There are virtually limitless things to do in this part of Jamaica, many of which are tied in with the beach, and awesome weather. Swimming, diving and snorkeling, kayaking, and surfing are just a few of the favorite things to do for regular visitors of this part of the Caribbean. There is never a shortage of good times in Jamaica, whether it is tipping back an island cocktail and listening to some reggae music or simply relaxing on the beach and rejuvenating your senses. If you are planning to stay anywhere near the Negril beaches, you should definitely pay a visit to this legendary beach, if you are not already staying right on it.

There are many things to do on Seven Mile Beach Jamaica. Besides just laying out and reveling in the sun (which is a fine thing to do), you can also take part in many beach sports and activities. Surfing, parasailing, kayaking, and walking down the beach are all regular activities that people enjoy in this part of Negril, and there are plenty of nice little spots to stop off and have a cocktail or a bite to eat. The beach is certainly alive during the day with the hustle bustle of crowds on the beach and the activities of people making the most of the awesome surf, but at night, the reggae music begins playing, people begin dancing, and the atmosphere completely changes to a convivial and relaxed degree.

You will also find no shortage of tempting Caribbean food along Seven Mile Beach. Negril, as with most other places in Jamaica like Port Antonio and Kingston, is known for its amazing jerk dishes. Seven Mile Beach offers a variety of stands and eateries where you can enjoy authentic Caribbean food at its very best.

Seven Mile Beach is a fine place to take the entire family. Qualified lifeguards regularly patrol the beach, and you can expect to find every kind of facility you could want, if you find that you have strayed to far from your resort or hotel. There are changing rooms, showers, bathrooms, concessions, and rentals.

Seven Mile Beach came to international fame in the 1960s as a hangout and retreat for hippies that were looking to escape the humdrum and strictness of American life. This particular beach in Jamaica became a symbol of everything from free love and drug use to the open acknowledgement of individual expression. Although these days it is much more suitable for families and retains very little of the wily atmosphere that made it so popular in the 60s, it is still offers a relaxed and laid back atmosphere where you can kick back and enjoy the easy life in Jamaica. Clothing is still option in most areas, especially in Bloody Bay, where you may find a bit of a break from the tourist crowds. Some of the finest luxury resorts and hotels in Negril are located along the enviable stretch of beach at Bloody Bay.

Top image: Jamaica Tourist Board
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