Negril Beaches

Negril Beaches
Negril beaches are the top draw of this popular tourist retreat located on the western tip of Jamaica. There are several appealing destinations for international travelers in Jamaica, not the least of which are Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, and Port Antonio. Even with the presence of these other resort getaways, Negril remains one of the most popular options for people visiting this Caribbean country. The beaches of Negril are divided between two parishes: Westmoreland and Hanover. The western portion of the Negril coastline contains most of what is referred to as Seven Mile Beach. The northern end of the beach in Negril is where you will find the greatest concentration of all-inclusive resorts and luxury hotels, while the southern end features more privately run establishments. There are a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and clubs dispersed along the beach and in town.

Seven Mile Beach

Negril Jamaica is home to perhaps the best-known beach in Jamaica, Seven Mile Beach. Many Jamaica beaches pictures are in fact of Seven Mile Beach. This particular beach gained fame in the 1960s as a popular hangout and retreat for the hippy generation looking to escape to a world of free love and plentiful cannabis. Several decades later, it has turned into a full-scale resort destination, complete with all-inclusive resorts, massive clubs, and restaurants, bars, and stores of virtually every variety. Even though this is a very crowded beach, it is just as beautiful as it has ever been. The crystalline blue waters and powdery white sand remain the same, as do the swaying palms, tropical foliage, and gorgeous weather. Most of the stretches of beach, especially those associated with the hotels and resorts, are closely guarded and patrolled. You can find all kinds of rentals and equipment, as well as seemingly endless vendors selling everything under the sun. Even though it is very busy, it has a laid back atmosphere, and in the spirit of the 60s, nude sunbathing is still allowed.

Bloody Bay Beach

This is another option for beaches in Negril Jamaica, and one where you will find far fewer people and a much more relaxed atmosphere. Bloody Bay Beach is located just to the north of town. Here you will find a more tranquil environment that is better suited for romantic walks, picnics, and a relatively quiet day in the sun. There are far few lifeguards and not nearly the public facilities that there are on Seven Mile Beach. This may be perfect for people looking for some true relaxation, but be sure to bring whatever you think you may need along with you. Nude sunbathing is permitted here as well.

Long Bay Beach Park

The Long Bay Beach Park is located at the very northern end of the Negril beach. Because of the fact that it is outside the hotel belt, you will be able to experience a far greater degree of privacy and tranquility here. There are plenty of picnic tables, chairs, and changing rooms. Overall, this is a great option for people who like to stay away from the big crowds, but within close enough range of beach amenities and restaurants and bars.

Sea Lawn Coral Beach

Sea Lawn Coral Beach is located just a couple of miles north of the Negril town center. There is a nice selection of vacation homes for rent here and the beaches offer seclusion and privacy. Ocho Rios is only 30 minutes away and you can get whatever you need from town in Negril. There are lots of bars and restaurants nearby, but none within such close proximity that it would disturb the peace of this tranquil beach. No lifeguards on duty. No public facilities.

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