Montego Bay Beaches

Montego Bay BeachesMontego Bay beaches draw travelers from around the world because of their gorgeous white sand, deep blue waters, and tropical climate. This destination has quickly become one of the most popular tourist spots in Jamaica, due in large part to the variety of guest accommodations, clean conditions, and party atmosphere. Montego Bay offers the kind of Jamaica beaches you often see on postcards of this country in the Caribbean Sea. It is located on the northwestern portion of the island in between St Bran’s Burg and Hope Well. Because of the popularity of the beaches, you can expect a relatively large amount of fellow tourists on the beach. Many of the beaches in Montego Bay will have reggae concerts and vibe is always laid back and cool.

Cornwall Beach

Cornwall Beach is now considered one of the top beaches in Montego Bay after having undergone a series of cleanups and renovations. The sand and water are nice and clean and ideal for swimming and water sports. You can expect to find all of the beach amenities here that make for a carefree and relaxing day in the sun, even for parents with small kids. There are lifeguards on duty, umbrellas and chairs, showers and changing rooms, as well as a great bar and restaurant where you can unwind after a day in the sun.

Doctor’s Cave Beach

This is another of the most popular beaches located in the central part of Montego Bay. It is also within very close proximity of Cornwall Beach should you wish to make a day at a couple of the top beaches in the area. Doctor’s Cave Beach took its name from an expedition that a group of doctors undertook to the area in 1906. The cave itself was destroyed in a hurricane in 1932, but the name stuck. People flock here not only because of the crystal blue waters and white sand, but also because of the water that is fed by mineral springs and can range anywhere between 78 and 84 degrees. This is a pay-only beach (approximately $5 USD). There are plenty of public facilities, including restrooms, changing rooms, showers, and places to drink and eat.

Walter Fletcher Beach

Walter Fletcher Beach is also busy, but not quite as much so as the two above mentioned beaches. The white sand and blue waters are amazing and you can wade out into the water for hundreds of yards in some places. There are local musicians playing their guitars and singing Rasta melodies under the palm trees, and there is no shortage of good Caribbean food and tasty island drinks. You will also find the Aquasol Theme Park. This is the part of Walter Fletcher Beach that is the best maintained, and also features lifeguards and security. You can enjoy everything from go-carts to jet skis to glass-bottom boat tours at this theme park. The park is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.  You will also need to pay for most of the activities inside the park. The beach itself is close to the center of town, making it convenient for people staying at the hotels, and the water is calm, making it a good bet for families with kids.

Dead End Beach

Dead End Beach is located just off of Kent Avenue and adjacent to Sangster Airport in Montego Bay. It is a fairly relaxed beach. Lifeguards do not normally patrol it and there are limited public facilities. There are, however, a few nice bars with amazing views of this pretty beach, which is fantastic for sunset strolls.

Sunset Beach

This beach is located near the center of Montego Bay and is dominated by the Sunset Beach Resort. There is a gorgeous stretch of white sand here that is reserved for guests of the resort. The most secluded section is reserved for nude sunbathing. The resort itself is a full-scale accommodation with all of the amenities.

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