Kingston Beaches

Kingston Beaches
Kingston beaches are not usually the main reasons why people travel to the capital of Jamaica. This is not to say that there are not some beautiful Jamaican beaches in the Kingston area. There are also a wide variety of attractions in the capital city, not the least of which is the Bob Marley Museum. There are also many reggae concerts held in this birthplace of the reggae genre. There are tons of things to do in Kingston Jamaica, and even though it is not a resort destination like Ocho Rios or Montego Bay per se, you will have no problem finding a nice location along a picturesque beach if that is what you desire.

Lime Cay

Lime Cay is technically the closest beach to the downtown area of Kingston Jamaica. It is a picturesque island with gorgeous white sand, accessible from Morgan’s Harbor at Port Royal. Since there is no formal transportation system that regularly travels back and forth between Lime Cay and Port Royal, you will need to hire a boat to take you across. You can inquire at one of the area hotels for best practices and where to find reputable people to take you across. Be sure to bring whatever you need with you, as there are no rentals on the island. This is a great place for a picnic or cookout. Swimming is exceptional in calm and unpolluted waters.

Hellshire Beach

West of Kingston, you will find Hellshire Beach, situated near the town of Portmore. There are two sections of this beach, which is a favorite for visitors of Kingston as well as the local residents of Kingston and Portmore. The paid section features a variety of public facilities, including restrooms, changing rooms, showers, picnic tables, and seating areas. There is also a buoyed-off swimming area that is patrolled by lifeguards. The waters are calm and great for swimming. The free section of the beach is located a bit farther west. Here you will find the greatest concentration of food stands. Be sure to try the many varieties of fried fish, a delicacy for which this part of Jamaica is well known.

Fort Clarence

Fort Clarence is another of the Kingston beaches that defies the stereotype of the capital city not offering anything in the way of beautiful beaches. This particular beach, located about five and a half miles from Fort Charles near the town of Portmore, is well kept and the surf is calm enough for swimming. The climate is just about perfect year round in Jamaica, so you will also be able to enjoy the radiant sun in this Caribbean paradise. There are no major hotels along the beach, but there are in fact several accommodations not far away. This is a more secluded beach than those you will find in places like Negril and Montego Bay. There are not usually any guards on duty, so you will want to swim at your own risk and keep a close eye on the kids.

Gunboat Beach is another beach in Kingston Jamaica. It is not recommended for swimming because of somewhat polluted waters. It is, however, a popular gathering spot for locals and tourists, and there are a number of restaurants, bars, and shops nearby.

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