Blue Lagoon Jamaica

Blue Lagoon Jamaica
Blue Lagoon Jamaica is one of the most alluring tourist attractions in Port Antonio. It was made famous by the film, The Blue Lagoon, starring a fourteen-year old Brooke Shields. This enchanting and visually striking cove is located seven miles east of central Port Antonio, one of the major ports of call in Jamaica, along with Kingston, Negril, and Montego Bay. No trip to Port Antonio would be complete a visit to this cove, which is sheltered by lush and dense tropical foliage. The deep waters produce a cobalt blue hue and provide ideal photo opportunities. You will want to be sure to bring your camera or camcorder along with you if you plan to visit Blue Lagoon Beach Jamaica.

Blue Lagoon is located in the parish of Portland in eastern Jamaica. It is one of the first places people want to visit in Port Antonio, and for good reason. Curiosity is perhaps initially peaked because of the fame of the movie, but anyone who visits will forever associate Blue Lagoon with the spectacular raw beauty of the tropical cove.

The most striking aspect of Blue Lagoon is the water itself, for a number of reasons. First, the water is nearly 200-feet deep, producing a cobalt blue effect that is incredible when set against the bright green trees that shelter the cove. Second, the lagoon is composed of water from the Caribbean Sea, as well as water fed from mineral springs from the rocks and the soil that filters down from the Blue Mountains. When you swim in these perfect waters, you will often feel streams of cold water and other times rushes of warm water. The experience is absolutely exhilarating. Lastly, the water is shallow enough in certain areas that you can simply lie in the surf or wade into the crystal blue waters. You can even see mineral water bubbling up from the springs in particular areas, which adds to the almost surreal tropical atmosphere at Blue Lagoon.

There is a dive shop and a restaurant at Blue Lagoon, and you can even rent equipment for kayaking and other water sports. Divers and snorkelers will find some great waters to explore here, and you can rent all the gear you need at the dive shop. The restaurant is actually very nice and offers a fairly diverse menu of seafood, as well as local Caribbean favorites like jerk chicken, lobster, gumbo, and many more savory dishes. They also serve up a plethora of fun tropical drinks and there is reggae music on Sunday nights. The atmosphere during this time is laid back and relaxed. Sunday is a perfect time to visit Blue Lagoon if you want to spend the day in the sun and take in some local flavor at night. You can also take boat rides to enjoy the sunset or just explore the Jamaican coast surrounding Port Antonio. There are some vendors hanging around that can be pushy at times. A forceful but kind “no” will usually solve this problem with little bother.

There are limited public facilities and the small stretches of beach are unguarded. Visitors can rent a variety of luxurious villas located right on Blue Lagoon and there are several other accommodations nearby.

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