Playa Sosua

Playa Sosua
Playa Sosua is one of the Dominican Republic’s most favored and most beautiful beaches. It is situated close to popular Puerto Plata and Playa Dorada, which is a beach considered to be the equal of Sosua Beach Dominican Republic by many. Set on the island’s north coast, Sosua is a bustling area filled with both tourists and locals drawn to the cerulean water and alabaster sand. The beach seems to lead on for miles, beckoning for late afternoon and evening walks. The scenery just doesn’t get much more perfect.

This area within the Puerto Plata region is frequented by North Americans and has been for a long time. With a famous Robert Trent Jones golf course in Playa Dorada, and the major sport golf is in North America, it’s no surprise that North Americans are as attracted to the beaches as they are to the stunning seaside course with views that just might jeopardize up your game.

Like much of the island’s beaches, Sosua Beach Dominican Republic is backed by mountains blanketed in lush tropical vegetation that creates a soothing backdrop and a feeling of intimacy and comfort. The mountain base stops at the line of towering palms, complete with coconuts. There are certainly an array of larger hotels here, but really not much compared to neighboring Playa Dorada—just enough to make finding nearby lodging to accommodate. The area, first discovered by Columbus in 1502, is worthy of the legend behind it, and the praise it receives. The sand is golden, rich, and of a medium grain. There is no lack of facilities or services either, from simple beach vendors and huts to hotel shops and restaurants. Rentals, such as umbrellas, are readily available and sports equipment couldn’t be easier to get.

The Dominican Republic might as well be entirely surrounded by coral reefs, there are so many beaches bordered by them. Playa Sosua is also a very good beach to try out some snorkeling and also some diving, both right offshore and farther out. There are resorts and hotels that rent out snorkel and dive gear as well as outfitters who are happy to take small and large groups on tours. Be sure to check around for the best price instead of snagging up the first offer. Offshore snorkeling is said to be better than by the beach.

Swimming along the beach at Sosua Beach Dominican Republic provides insight into why this beach is so popular. Swimming is ideal, except for when it rains, which is known to bring in unwanted litter from outlying areas. Sea urchins are definitely around so be sure to be careful when swimming and snorkeling around the bigger rocks they are known to attach themselves to.

Playa Sosua offers one of the best views on the island. Stand back and admire the backdrop of mountains, the cliffs that hug the entire bay, and the seemingly endless coastline. The only thing that does spoil it for some is the endless pitching of products you might not need or want from the many beach huts set up over the sand selling drinks, snacks, souvenirs, and rentals of all sorts. It is easy to say no, but it seems that no is just not the answer that’s sought so there’s a lot of extra pushing. Also, if renting loungers for the beach, make sure to bargain for the best price, a practice that is expected around the island.

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