Samana Beaches

Samana Beaches
Samana beaches are the main natural attractions along the beautiful Samana Peninsula, on the northeast coast, which attracts adventurers and nature lovers alike. Samana has a high concentration of secluded beaches backed by a canvas of mountains, cliffs, lush tropical foliage, azure water, and lively towns. Scuba divers with some experience will love Samana and all the underwater rewards that await. Activities include swimming, horseback riding, mountain biking sailing, diving, and snorkeling. Major attractions are the El Limon waterfall, Samana town, Las Terrenas town, caving, whale watching, and rock climbing.

Playa Coson, Las Terrenas

Playa Coson stretches more than three miles and is home to many villa rentals, restaurants, and one large resort. Scenic rivers meet headlong and pour into the ocean here. These are some of the prettiest Dominican Republic beaches, with medium-grain sand that is a golden tan color of medium grain. Many watersports, including snorkeling and diving, are possible at this location in Bahia de Samana.

Playa El Limon

If you love privacy, then you’ll love El Limon in Bahia de Samana Dominican Republic, a beach extending almost one mile, nice and wide, and dipping gradually into the sea. Few visitors are found here, especially during the week. There are facilities nearby, but none on the beach so take along plenty of water, snacks, and sunscreen.

Playa Rincon

Two miles of beach are interrupted only by a tiny peninsula which, after walked over, leads on to another section of this beautiful beach. Countless palms, clear, aquamarine water, white sand, and mountains all around set the perfect mood for relaxing. With only a few small food huts serving up fresh seafood, and no hotels in sight, you’ll feel the seclusion all around.

Playa Colorado

The stunning neighbor of Playa Rincon, Colorado is small and sectioned into two parts—one public and the other private. Still, the visit is worth the time. Undeveloped and wild with no facilities, this beach is paradise. Take along snorkel gear to peek under the surface and see a small coral reef.

Playa Las Galeras

The main of beach of Las Galeras town, it’s impossible to miss. Boat rentals, sports gear, diving equipment and more are available along the beach. It is also a departure point for Playas Colorado, Madame, and Rincon by water taxi. There are plenty of hotels nearby and restaurants and bars to choose from.

Playa Madame

Just two miles from Las Galeras you’ll find the opposite of Playa Las Galeras: a small, remote beach that is wild and pristine. A deterrent is the very rough road that leads in, but to miss this jewel during Dominican vacations would be a shame. A beautiful golden beach surrounded by jutting cliffs and an all-natural background is the reward. Hike the road for 30 minutes or rent a 4WD for quicker access. Don’t miss the caves and lagoons within the area.

Playa Jackson

Take a boat from Las Terrenas to Playa Jackson where you’ll see nothing but pristine alabaster sand and sparkling water for miles, all hugged by two massive rocks on either side of the beach. Cliffs and palms back the beach, offering plenty of privacy. There are no reachable services once you’ve arrived.

Playa Bonita

Also in Las Terrenas, Playa Bonita is one of the most beautiful Samana beaches indeed. It is an immediate neighbor of Playa Coson and spans just under a mile. Upscale villa resorts, hotels, and French restaurants dot the area. The swimming area and social area are well divided so when all you want is beach time, there are no interruptions.

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