Cabarete Beaches

Cabarete Beaches
Cabarete beaches are located within the immediate vicinity of a small, relaxed beach town less than a half hour from the north shore and Puerto Plata’s main international airport, not far from the beaches of Puerto Plata and Sosua. The town is genuinely inviting, which can be a welcome relief if coming from other, extremely congested areas of the island. Cabarete is an ideal place to spend time enjoying a tropical vacation. The town’s atmosphere is magnetic, exuding a hip feel combined with a distinct charm that keeps many coming back for years.

The town’s beach is the major attraction of the Dominican Republic beaches in Cabarete. It sits in a sweeping three-mile long crescent with the village laid out by the center of its fine-grain, golden sand. The scenery gets better when looking behind the village where a beautiful lagoon is bordered by lush hills featuring abundant tropical foliage. At the bay, many tourist amenities have developed offering myriad conveniences a stone’s throw away.

Trade winds blowing in from the entrance of Cabarete Bay combine with locale of the reef offshore and the crouching hills. These natural elements create warm, tropical thermals that, when mixed with the waves create an incredible backdrop for watersports such as kiteboarding, windsurfing, boogie boarding, and wakeboarding. Surfing at nearby El Encuentro is also a big draw. Add all those activities to snorkeling, scuba diving, mountain biking, and zip-lining and there’s hardly a minute available to feel any sense of ennui in Cabarete Dominican Republic.

Cabarete beaches have played host to numerous windsurfing championships. These days there are many tournaments, amateur competitions, races, and other related events planned. If you’re heading to Cabarete to windsurf, prime months are June, July, and August where the water is especially ideal. Prime waves happen between January through March with the least desirable months including May and October through November. Thermal and trade winds combine to offer great conditions for sailing with 12 to 26 mile-per-hour winds.

Kiteboarding fans won’t want to pass Cabarete Domincan Republic without stopping for the famous experience. With a top rank for best kiteboarding destination in the Caribbean, it’s no surprise the World Kiteboarding Championships have been held here for more than a decade. Don’t worry if you’ve never tried. There are many schools offer kiteboarding lessons across the beach.

With good wind and waves also comes good opportunity for surfing. Surfing by Cabarete beaches means excellent conditions and a chance to watch other pros on the move. Rentals are widely available from beach booths offering all types of rentals. Some even offer surfing lessons and transportation to the best surfing spots along the north coast. El Encuentro is one of the only beaches within Cabarete save the main beach. It is most popular for  surfing and, though only five minutes away, the exact geographical location somehow adds a bit more depth to surfing conditions.

Cabarete village is lively and fun and defined by a charming bustle rather than crowded, hectic pace. There are many good hotels, bars, and restaurants located only a few minutes from the beach, which adds lots of flavor to the local area without distracting from the natural backdrop at the beach. And with plenty of meringue beats floating through the night air, you can bet that drinks and dancing are a big part of island lifestyle when the sun goes down.

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