Boca Chica Beaches

Boca Chica Beaches
Boca Chica beaches are within the Boca Chica municipality in the province of Santo Domingo on the south coast, home to the island’s capital. The beach here is one of the most popular and well-developed Dominican Republic beaches because it lies so close to the capital, which is always abuzz with thousands of visitors exploring the city’s exceptionally rich history. The benefit of an extended stay in Boca Chica Dominican Republic is definitely the perfect divide between tours of both beaches and city attractions.

The area around Boca Chica has always been known as a popular vacation spot for wealthy island families hailing from Santo Domingo and in the 1960s and 1970s it was thriving. Over the years, a decline in popularity saw Boca Chica as slightly abandoned but upon the initiation of public metro in the mid-1990s, the beach became easily and quickly accessed and, once again, developed into a thriving seaside town and beach.

Boca Chica Dominican Republic attracts adventurers, city lovers, and hoards of single people. The atmosphere is charged and the streets in and around the beaches are always alive with activity. There are many things to do, both on the beach and within the town, offering ideal diversity. Lodging, from budget to high-end is readily available. A wealth of dining options lie within a short walk of Boca Chica beaches. The landscape is laden with mountains blanketed in tropical flora and bordered by turquoise sea at some points. There are myriad entertainment options—dance shows and lively bars with live music. With the Santo Domingo beaches and the rest of the province only a short few hours from both New York and Miami, the area sees an influx of people throughout the year.

The beaches at Boca Chica Dominican Republic are definitely the biggest attraction. The bay is large and curves in a wide crescent. Within the extensive bay, there are two small islands popular with sailors and even strong swimmers. The sand is anywhere from almost pure white to a golden hue, depending on which direction the sun is shining. The width of the beach depends on the tide, ranging from 30 feet to more than 100 feet and the terrain is flat, creating the perfect topography for all to take long walks without tiring too quickly, enjoy volleyball games, or toss a Frisbee.

The bay is ultra-clear, making it perfect for snorkeling and offshore diving. Horseback riding, boogie boarding, windsurfing, and swimming are common. Boca Chica beaches are known to be very busy with both visitors and vendors, especially on Sundays, but when comparing the beach to those popular in the north, like Sosua, Puerto Plata, Playa Dorado, and Cabarete, most notice the clearer, calmer water conditions (thanks to the outer-lying islands that protect the bay) and the plentiful shallow areas that make it a hit with families.

The calm conditions also create an ideal place to enjoy sea kayaking, paddle boating, water skiing, and riding the famous island banana boats. Another good thing is that louder jet skis are restricted to and area at the very far end of the beach so they don’t disturb the calm water or the people, and are a good distance from the area hotels.

A short drive away is famous Casa de Campo, a small resort in La Romana, and the beaches of Bayahibe, which are considered in the top ten among islanders and visitors. And with the colonial backdrop of Santo Domingo only 30 minutes away, Boca Chica Dominican Republic can make a better base than the capital when exploring the surrounding region. This way the relaxed, beach lifestyle is always at your doorstep while city delights are a short drive away, making it easy to go sightseeing or enjoy dining and entertainment in Santo Domingo.

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