Varadero Beaches

Varadero Beaches
Varadero is Cuba’s most popular beach vacation destination. This has a lot to do with its immaculate beaches and its easy of access. The Varadero beaches are quintessentially Caribbean, in that they provide soft, powdery sand and clear, turquoise waters. In terms of access, the Varadero area is only some 90 miles east of Havana, and a slew of local resorts provide convenient vacation packages that virtually take care of everything. Even the flight to Havana and the subsequent transfer to the area is included in most Varadero vacation packages, and since the majority of the resorts are all inclusive, guests can essentially put the wallet away once they arrive.

The name of Varadero is basically applied to the Hicacos Peninsula. This peninsula extends thirteen miles out from the mainland and is less than a mile wide at its thickest point. The sand that lines much of the coast is white in color, and this contrasts well with the turquoise-blue waters. These waters are also quite calm on most days, and this encourages many visitors to enjoy a variety of watersport activities.

Paddleboating is just one option, and visitors often find themselves swimming, snorkeling, or sea kayaking. The large resort hotels that line much of the Varadero coast provide all kinds of watersport activities at no extra fee for their guests. Visitors who aren’t staying at such a hotel can simply head to the beach when looking to enjoy such activities, as watersports rental equipment for the general public is available in good supply at many a beach outlet.

For those who are interested in finding the best Cuba beaches in Varadero, the task is an easy one. The peninsula basically features one main beach that extends along the northern coast and is almost completely uninterrupted. Complementing this is another beach that can be found away from the main beaches. This other beach is more specifically found at the northern point of the peninsula and within the boundaries of the Hicacos Point Natural Park. The main Varadero beach is lined with all inclusive resort hotels, while the beach at Hicacos Point Natural Park is quieter. Varadero visitors who wish to spend some of their time on more pristine and more tranquil beaches might also try to arrange a trip to one of the small cays that are found off the peninsula.

The advantage to spending time on the main beach in Varadero is the fact that there are multiple options in the recreation department. Guests at the resorts that line the main beach are also close to a variety of amenities and facilities. A restaurant won’t be far away, for example, and once the sun sets, it doesn’t take long to get from the sand to one of the hotel bars. In addition to watersports equipment, the resort hotels that line the Varadero beaches tend to offer beach chairs and beach umbrellas for their guests, so kicking back and relaxing is often the activity of choice.

There are lots of fun things to do on a Varadero vacation, so the more than 1 million annual visitors have little trouble keeping busy. Deep sea fishing excursions are easy to arrange, as are scuba diving adventures. It’s also possible to book a boat tour that takes to the peninsula’s mangroves and canals. Other tours highlight things such as the Saturno Cave and the nearby city of Matanzas. The local hotels and tour companies can help their guests arrange such activities. Visitors can also arrange fun activities like these at one of the three main marinas.

There are more than 50 hotels in Varadero Cuba, and they cater to a variety of tastes and budgets. For travelers who don’t have their hearts set on an all inclusive lodging experience, there are Varadero hotels that offer just rooms and maybe breakfast on top of that. It should be mentioned that anyone who is staying at one of the hotels can purchase a day pass for one of the many all inclusive resorts. These passes allow for the enjoyment of the facilities at the resort in question, and both food and drinks are included.

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