Puerto Rico Vacations

Puerto Rico Vacations
There are endless reasons to dream of Puerto Rico vacations. With miles of perfect beaches, water in every shade of blue and turquoise, and even 500 year old forts to explore, Puerto Rico is a Caribbean destination both for fun and relaxation. One reason travelers love beach vacations in Puerto Rico is the fact that this island is a US territory, meaning you will be spending US currency, most people speak English (though Spanish is the native tongue), and you don’t have to worry about lengthy customs and immigration lines. For a jaunt away from the mainland, Puerto Rico will deliver the best of the Caribbean.

One thing some travelers don’t love about the Caribbean is that many islands seem the same. This isn’t the case when it comes to Puerto Rico vacations. Between exploring tropical rainforest, tasting local rum, and soaking in the Spanish architecture, a trip here is sure to have a distinct character. Beach vacations in Puerto Rico are ideal for the couple or family who want a mix of relaxing postcard-perfect Puerto Rican beaches and plenty of adventure too. After a couple days of sunbathing in the golden sand and unwinding from the stress of everyday life, you might just be ready for everything else Puerto Rico has to offer.

There are over 250 blissful beaches along the coastline of Puerto Rico where you can sip on a Pina Colada in the place it was invented. During Puerto Rico vacations, spending a few heavenly hours on a lightly swaying hammock on the beach might be just as appealing as spending a few hours working on your surf skills or cooling off in one of the calm bays with a quick dip. All of these pleasures are available to travelers in a range of prices. If you’re looking to splurge on a luxury resort, or looking to save at an all-inclusive property for your family, both are options in Puerto Rico.

Beach vacations in Puerto Rico wouldn’t be complete without sampling the local flavors. Here influences from Spain, Africa, and Indians combine to result in a truly unique cuisine. These influences can also be seen in the local art and culture. Take a day away from the beach to explore the local art galleries and museums and you will be rewarded with striking art and sculpture. Whatever you do, don’t miss the nightly sunsets. These incredible displays of color are different every night as a result of clouds and other factors. Once nightfall hits, Old San Juan really heats up. Puerto Rico is known for its nightlife including outdoor cocktail bars and nightclubs too.

The entertainment of beach vacations in Puerto Rico continues with casinos, golf courses, and eco tours. Exploring the rainforest to ecounter local wildlife or heading out into the unforgettable bioluminescent bay for a kayaking tour are all ways to infuse some adventure into your trip. While Puerto Rico might have a long list of interesting activities—the beach is sure to form the core of your trip. There are beaches that are idea for family picnics, and beaches dotted with palm trees for natural shade. Those visitors who crave entertainment beyond the sand can spend the day surfing, kiteboarding, scuba diving, or snorkeling. Another fun activity is a fishing excursion off the shores of Puerto Rico. This island will make you feel like you’re worlds away from home.

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