Dominican Republic Vacations

Dominican Republic Vacations
There are some pictures that are worth a thousand words, and any picture of the Dominican Republic falls into this category. Photographs of the white beaches, shady huts on the beach, and turquoise waters have been known to inspire impromptu Dominican Republic vacations. This is the perfect Caribbean destination for a relaxing getaway soaking up the best the beach has to offer. With 250 miles of coastline, the Dominican Republic has pristine beaches, opportunities for ecotourism, water sports, and nightlife. It’s an up-and-coming destination, relative to the long-established hot spots for Caribbean getaways, so the Dominican Republic also offers lower prices and smaller crowds than what you might find at the Jamaica beaches, for instance.

Beach vacations in the Dominican Republic will be full of beauty. The only thing more striking than the photographs of beaches such as Punta Cana or Santo Domingo is seeing the beaches with your own two eyes. It will be difficult to choose between the variety of beaches across the island, including La Romana, Samana, Puerto Plata, Montecristi, and Barahona. If you can’t narrow down your options, let your choice of hotel determine a destination for you. Dominican Republic vacations can be planned to suit a variety of budgets, whether you’re craving luxury or the privacy of vacation rentals on the beach.

If you’ve already booked beach vacations in the Dominican Republic you might be wondering what a typical day at the beach might consist of. Adventurous travelers will peel themselves off the picture-perfect beaches for some scuba diving, snorkeling, or sailing. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, other water sports to try include surfing, wind surfing, and kiteboarding. First-timers can sign up for lessons to get an introduction to these water sports. A day of fishing is another fun way to soak up the atmosphere of the Dominican Republic.

To some visitors, Dominican Republic vacations wouldn’t be complete without a little golf. Others think that golf is a waste of time when there are waterfalls like Salta de Socoa waiting to be discovered in the heart of the green mountains in the Monte Plata province. There are also several methods of relaxation on the island beyond sunbathing on the beach, including spa treatments, shopping, or simply sitting down with a glass of wine to watch the sunset. After dark there is plenty more entertainment in the Dominican Republic, including fine dining, casinos, and nightlife.

Beach vacations in the Dominican Republic are equally appealing for families or couples. Families can enjoy eco tours, visiting a Humpback whale sanctuary, and embarking on zip-lining adventures. Couples looking for a little romance will want to explore the waterfalls and other more isolated natural attractions on the island. Many visitors arrive to the Dominican Republic with intentions of enjoying all the adventure and activities that the island has to offer and are ultimately seduced by the beauty of the beaches. When planning a trip to this Caribbean island, book a few extra days than you think you will need. There is always something new you will want to explore in the Dominican Republic.

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