Bahamas Vacations

Bahamas Vacations
Bahamas vacations deliver all the relaxation of the Caribbean without the long plane ride. Located just off the coast of South Florida, the islands of the Bahamas are a popular destination for travelers who are craving a Caribbean adventure closer to home. Just because you’ve decided not to venture farther afield doesn’t mean that you won’t find the best the Caribbean has to offer in this beautiful archipelago. The best Bahamas beach vacations combine the relaxation of the gorgeous beaches along with lively cities, water sports, delicious cuisine, and a surprise or two when it comes to entertainment.

One thing many travelers don’t know is the sheer number of different places where you could sink your toes in the sand during Bahamas vacations. There are 29 islands in the Bahamas, and some are more developed than others. If you’re looking for the big resorts and all the amenities, choose Nassau, on Paradise Island. On the other hand if a cozy cottage on an abandoned beach sounds more like your style, you might be drawn to Bimini or Eleuthera. Travelers craving some serious serenity might want to get off the beaten path in the Bahamas to islands like these.

For many travelers, the best Bahamas beach vacations are right in  Nassau. The Nassau beaches are terrific in their own right, and Caves Beach and Cabbage Beach in particular are known among the best in the region. The hotels and resorts here are perfect for family trips or romantic getaways. Kids will love hotels that feature aquariums and circus shows, while adults can indulge in casinos, fine-dining, or golf. The Bahamas has developed into a destination known for its entertainment, whether you want to spend your days relaxing in the spa or fishing on the calm waters. Those travelers with an appetite for water sports will want to include some sailing, scuba diving, and snorkeling in their itinerary.

If you aren’t feeling very active, some would say that the best part of Bahamas vacations is the beach itself. The beaches you will find in the Bahamas are exactly what the Caribbean is famous for: long, wide stretches of golden sand flanking the ocean that changes colors of turquoise and blue with depth. Spending an entire trip devouring a few juicy novels along with some frozen cocktails will leave you feeling very rested. Working on your golden tan or building a sand castle with the kids are just a couple ways to spend your day soaking up the perfect beach weather of the Bahamas.

When it comes to the best Bahamas beach vacations, every visitor will have their own personal definition. Some will want to stay in shape by participating in kayaking tours, while others will want to set out on tours to encounter the exotic birds of the island, including flamingos. From trying your luck at the casino to working on your tennis swing, there are endless ways to enjoy beach vacations in the Bahamas. Just don’t fill your days with too many activities that you forget to enjoy the simple pleasures of the Bahamas—the sunsets, the sand beneath your toes, and the laid-back island atmosphere.

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