Saunders Beach

Saunders Beach
Saunders Beach, with powdery-soft sand and towering palm trees, is a popular choice with both tourists and locals. Like all of the Nassau beaches, this tropical beauty enjoys warm weather year-round, so you can enjoy your time at the beach no matter when your plans bring you to the Bahamas. The white sand will feel cool beneath your shoulders while the sun will warm your shoulders. You’ll have the chance to relax and enjoy one of the prettiest beaches anywhere.

To be exact, Saunders Beach Nassau Bahamas is located along the shores of the island’s nation capital city. This sandy shore is located a just to the east of Cable Beach, consistently ranked one of the best Bahamas Beaches. Like its neighbor, Saunders Beach shares the same beautiful scenery with the next beach over. Many of the resorts line Cable Beach, but you won’t find any hotel towers to distract your views on Saunders Beach—only a line of tall trees in one direction and wide-open ocean vistas in the other.

Whether you’re visiting at the beginning of the year or the middle of summer, you can expect to find a good day to visit the beach. Coral Island provides shelter for Saunders Beach, so it’s especially calm no matter the season. Thanks to the gentle waves and wonderful views, this beach is popular with families and anyone looking for a calm, quiet place to enjoy the beach. It’s not uncommon to see families with young children enjoying some time at this beach. There’s plenty of room to make a sandcastle or play in the surf. Parents should note that no lifeguards are on duty here, so they should keep their little ones in sight at all times.

Beachcombing is a popular activity with visitors young and old—a sunset stroll on the beach is especially lovely at Saunders Beach. Many of the guests of the Cable Beach resorts set out on evening walks to the neighboring beach before returning to their accommodations or heading to dinner. There are several restaurants and cafes within a few minutes’ walk of Saunders Beach. If you’re willing to spring for a taxi ride, all of the exciting nightlife will be close by.

Before the sun sets sail, visitors to Saunders Beach Nassau Bahamas will have access to a quiet stretch of beach. You won’t find vendor carts and jet ski rentals here, but you will find amazing views. If you plan ahead, you could enjoy a picnic lunch on the beach or have cold drinks with you. A convenience store is located at one edge of the beach, so you could easily pick up some snacks if you don’t want to plan ahead—or your cooler is back home.

Planning ahead for a visit also allows you to do some snorkeling at Saunders Beach. With a mask and maybe an underwater camera, you can dip below the surface and see some truly amazing sights. All of the Nassau beaches are close to some amazing coral reefs of all colors of the rainbow. The marine life that makes it home under the sea is spectacular as well—the sea turtles and schools of fish are sure to delight. Many Nassau dive shops and tour operators can provide equipment and guides for snorkeling adventures along Saunders Beach and beyond.

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