Caves Beach

Caves Beach
Caves Beach Bahamas offers everything you’d expect from Bahamas beaches—soft white sand, palm trees, and clear blue waters, all without the crowds. The beach is a few miles outside of Nassau, making it well worth the trip if you’re looking for a place where you can hit the beach without worrying about too many people or too many hassles.

Located along Arawak Cay, Caves Beach is close to where many of the island’s most authentic restaurants are found. Many travelers hit the beach in the morning and stop for lunch at one of the local eateries nearby. If you’re planning to return from dinner, you could spend the afternoon exploring or relaxing on the beach before the evening meal. The fish fry is the favorite of many beachcombers.

Whatever your plans, Caves Beach in Nassau Bahamas is a short taxi ride away from the hotels and resorts along the northern shores. Before you get going, you’ll want to plan ahead and pack everything you need for your time at the beach. This somewhat secluded beach doesn’t offer the same public facilities you’ll find at some of the bigger beaches like Xanadu Beach or Pink Sands Beach. You won’t find lifeguard stands, equipment rentals, or snack stands, but you will find a long stretch of white-sand beach, where the waves gently lap the shores.

As one of the quieter Nassau beaches, Caves Beach offers you the chance to really relax and enjoy your time along the shore. You could spread out a blanket and enjoy a picnic and a good book. Or you could go for a stroll along the beach, where the soft sand will feel fantastic under your feet. Of course, there’s always swimming in the clear blue waters of the ocean and dipping your toes in the surf as the waves tumble into the sand.

Snorkeling is another possibility here, too. Only a minimal amount of equipment is needed to dip below the surface. Underneath the water, you’ll find a colorful array of marine life—rainbows of living corals, schools of fish, and even a curious sea turtle or two. Caves Beach in Nassau Bahamas looks amazing both above and below the surface.

This small crescent-shaped beach is a quiet retreat from the everyday hassles; like many of the island beaches, Caves Beach is long on beauty and short on pretension. Here, you’ll find a quiet place to admire nature’s beauty and really get away from it all. The beach is free to visit and accessible 24 hours a day. All of this is just a short stroll away from some of the most authentic restaurants on the island.

Many of the popular Bahamas hotels and resorts are within ten minutes of the beach, including the Hotel Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort. This beachfront resort with nearly 700 guestrooms, also is home to one of the few casinos in the Bahamas. The list of things to do is vast, too, so you could enjoy more active watersports on the beach close to the resort and visit Caves Beach as a place to enjoy a calm alternative, without much travel time in between.

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