Xanadu Beach

Xanadu Beach
Xanadu Beach forms one end of a string of beaches along Freeport on Grand Bahama Island. As one of the prettiest and most popular Bahamas beaches, this stretch of sand is a fantastic place to visit in any season. Whether you arrive at the beginning of the year or in October, you’ll find a beautiful beach with clear ocean waters, soft sand, and brilliant sunshine. The name may come from a mythical paradise, but Xanadu Beach Bahamas is a very real—and very beautiful—place.

The southwest coast of Grand Bahama Island is lined by beautiful beaches, and these Freeport beaches are some of the most popular in the entire country. All of them—Xanadu Beach included—enjoy year-round beautiful weather. In the winter, you’re likely to find highs in the 70s, a very comfortable range. In the summer, things heat up to the 90s, but the cooling breezes and the ocean waters are available to help you cool off.

As one of the biggest and most visited beaches on the island, Xanadu Beach Bahamas offers a full range of activities both on and off shore. Plenty of beach chairs line this stretch of soft white sand, and plenty of people spend a relaxing afternoon taking a nap in the sun or the morning with a good book. A relaxing stroll on the beach is another possibility. Here, one beach slides into the next, so you might find yourself on Taino Beach or one of the other neighbors without too far of a walk. Lifeguards watch over this beach, which is known for its powdery-soft white sands and clear, calm waters. You’ll also find a bar and restaurants, which overlooks the beach, a perfect place to grab a tropical drink and do some more relaxing.

If you’re looking for more thrills for your time at Xanadu Beach Bahamas, plenty of activities are waiting. Parasailing is a perennial favorite, as are snorkeling and jet skiing. The dive shop located along Xanadu Beach provides equipment and guides for all kinds of adventures along the beach and beyond. The shark dive package has been voted one of the best of the world; a professional diver will take care of feeding the sharks, and you can see the amazing creatures up close.

Heading below the surface of the ocean, you’ll find an amazing world that is well worth exploring. Some of the biggest coral reefs in the world are located close to Xandau Beach Bahamas. Snorkelers and divers will find intricate formations made of colorful living corals. Schools of fish and sea turtles are often seen swimming by, with groups being the most common species spotted. Many of the divers and beachcombers have seen dolphins playing in the surf. The dive shop can make suggestions for the best places for both snorkeling and diving, rent equipment, and even provide pick up at the nearby cruise ship terminal or the airport.

The airport is just three miles away from Xanadu Beach, so it’s often the first beach Freeport travelers visit after they’ve grabbed their bags. Many of the hotels are located close to the beach, but none are closer than the resort that shares a name. The Xanadu Beach Resort & Marina has nearly 200 rooms, many of them with ocean views. Guests also enjoy use of the tennis courts and the swimming pool, in addition to all that Xanadu Beach has to offer.

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