Tahiti Beach

Tahiti Beach
Tahiti Beach Abaco Island is located at the southern tip of Elbow Cay. This beautiful Caribbean beach is on the small Bahamas island that is big on scenic beauty. This six-mile cay was once home to British loyalists who were fleeing the newly independent United States. Over the years, the cay grew into a small, fishing village. Today’s visitors will find a quiet, pristine beach free from overcrowding and pretension.

Tahiti Beach Bahamas is a serene choice for spending some time on the sun. The crystal-blue waters of the ocean rim this sugar-white, soft sand. If you’ve ever closed your eyes and thought about a tropical beach, chances are good it looks a lot like this beach. The grove of palm trees, sugar-soft beaches, and blue ocean waters are all there—not far from the picturesque Hope Town Lighthouse. This red-and-white tower is open to explore, and those who make it to the top are treated to some amazing views of various Bahamas beaches.

Abaco Island, even though it’s small and quiet, offers an array of things to do—as does Tahiti Beach Bahamas. Birdwatchers are especially delighted with the diverse array of birds—more than 60 colorful species can be found both on and off the beach. Beneath the surface of the ocean, there’s even more color. Bright coral forests rim this little island, providing a home for sea turtles, fish, and other amazing creatures. If you’re interested in a nature tour, local guides can take you to the best spots along Tahiti Beach Abaco Island, both above and below the surface.

If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, you’ll find plenty of it at Tahiti Beach Abaco Island. There will be plenty of room to spread out a blanket and spend time listening to surf or getting lost in a good book. Like the Freeport beaches, this long stretch of sand is an inviting place for a stroll. Where the surf meets the sand, you’ll have the chance to see sea stars, sand dollars, and other interesting creatures. The water is especially clear, so you will see a lot when strolling on the beach or doing some snorkeling.

This beach is somewhat secluded, but it’s not isolated. Plenty of hotels line the beach, as do restaurants and small shops. Hope Town is only a short stroll away if you need anything. This brings up an important point about Tahiti Beach Bahamas—you need to arrive by foot, since the beach is not open to motor vehicle traffic. If you are staying at one of the beachfront hotels, you do not need to worry about a car anyway.

The Hope Town Harbour Lodge has several oceanfront cabanas on its property along Tahiti Beach. These semi-private hideaways are nestled among beautiful gardens, just steps away from one of the prettiest Bahamas beaches. You can relax away the day in the king-size bed and enjoy the fully stocked mini-fridge. The resort also offers its guests access to a large pool complex and several restaurants, in addition to the restaurants and cozy guestrooms.

Even if you’re not staying on Abaco Island, you can still include Tahiti Beach in your Bahamas vacation plans. The island isn’t far from Nassau and Grand Bahama Island’s Nassau beaches—so it only takes a quick boat trip to do some island hopping. Direct flights are available from the Florida mainland, which would make a quick trip to an island paradise and this beautiful beach.

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