Pink Sands Beach

Pink Sands Beach
Pink Sands Beach really stands out from the crowd. Most of the Bahamas beaches have white or golden sand, but this beach on Harbor Island boasts sand in the soft hue of pink. Consistently appearing on lists of the top beaches, this quiet stretch of sand is known and loved for its natural beauty. The pink sand nicely contrasts with the brilliantly blue skies, the clear blue waters, and the green of the palm trees. Pink Sands Beach Bahamas is worth a visit even if you’re not planning on swimming.

On Harbor Island, Pink Sands Beach fronts the Atlantic Ocean, and is between 50 and 100 feet wide. The beach stretches for three miles near the whole eastern edge of the island, giving you plenty of room to stretch out and find your favorite place for relaxing. If you’re look to escape from it all, you could pull up a beach chair and relax in the sun with a good novel or take a nap. The powdery-soft sand will feel fantastic beneath your toes, whether you’re sitting on a beach chair or strolling the expansive beach. Even though the weather is warm year-round, the sand is usually cool beneath your feet.

This unique sand was created over the centuries from tiny corals called foraminifera, which have bright red shells. These creatures are one of the most abundant species in this part of the Atlantic Ocean, providing food and support for the other creatures beneath the reef. Over the reaches of time, the shells have washed up on shore and mixed with the sand, creating the uniquely pink sand seen in some parts of the Caribbean.

Unlike the Nassau beaches, the beach on Harbor Island is much quieter and less frequently visited. If you’re looking for jet ski rentals and t-shirt shops, you won’t find them on Pink Sands Beach Bahamas. Horseback riding and snorkeling are some of the most popular activities along this quiet beach. With a mask and an underwater camera, you can explore the same reefs home to the foraminifera and many much larger marine creatures. The outlying reefs are protected from the elements, so you can expect to find smooth waters on most days.

The pristine coral reefs and shipwrecks are fascinating places to explore beneath the surface. Just off Pink Sands Beach, off the northern tip of the island, lies the Devil’s Backbone. This ridge of coral reefs is barely underwater. The ominous name is a nod to its role as the resting place for many shipwrecked vessels. Today, snorkelers and divers will find some amazing sites to discover here.

Pink Sands Beach Bahamas and the rest of the small island are accessible by water taxi and boat from Eleuthera. Ferries depart from Nassau, a 45-minute taxi ride away from the airport. Many of the people who spend time at Pink Sands Beach choose one of the hotels on the bigger island and turn a trip to Harbor Island into a day excursion.

Harbor Island has its share of overnight accommodations, including the Pink Sands Resort. Located on twenty acres—and along the picture-perfect beach—the resort offers modern amenities and a welcoming atmosphere. The front desk can help arrange activities on and off the beach; bone fishing and deep-sea diving are always great choices, as is simply hanging out one on of the prettiest beaches around.

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